“I work one on one with everyone interested in my work, establishing what kind of project it will be, and whether it will be form, function or both. Once that’s settled we will gather references, inspirations for the piece and discuss what you want to see in your commission on the visual level. From there I will draft a visual representation on paper, and from there a maquette to bring it into 3d space to give a better sense of how the project will feel. Afterwards, if it’s also a functional project, I’ll figure out the mechanics of how it will work and what will be required for it to function as intended. When all that has been figured out I will begin forging, welding and fabricating the individual components, giving you updates with pictures as it progresses.“

Kraken Gate

“The goal for this project was to build a barrier for the client’s property, as they have had several issues with strangers driving onto their property, and on a visual level the client loved the idea of an extremely organic shape and flow being incorporated into the utilitarian shape of the gate. While it was a challenge, I was able to create the structural form of an octopus that weaved itself in and around the gate. After approval to move forward on the gate, I created templates based on the octopus frame then transferred those templates to steel and cut them out by hand with a plasma cutter. Several days of forging and fitting later, I began the process of welding the octopus’s skin onto its frame, connecting every bit to create a water tight body.”

Tree Handrails

“This project was a smaller one but no less interesting to put together. I was asked about the possibility of creating visually stunning handrails that would also help the client get out of their car during winter when slipping on ice was a big concern. The proposal was simple, three tiers of handrails so the client could reach out and grab them regardless of the height of the car they were in. They had seen some of my prior work that involved forging pipes to resemble tree branches and requested I incorporate that into the design while also having it transition visually from existing handrails on the property. It took a couple weeks to forge and shape every branch big and small, then join them together with a welder.”

Alleyway Octopus

“One of the earliest gates I ever made, it was built for a restaurant to abide by county ordinance while also providing a fitting oceanic visual that fit into the beachfront property.”

Extra Works

Here is a variety of other pieces that I have created myself and pieces in collaboration with others.